After battling Urian, the demon who destroyed Kenokel, the capital of Cascade, the Servants of the Old Gods know they must reach out to the other kings in Hartland to form an army to bring against King Barend and his wife, De’Nae, who started all of this by turning their own people into demons for a powerful army. Mercea and Ogden must seek the aid from kings who do not believe in the Old Gods, but the new God and the new faith. They know it won’t be an easy task, but Hartland needs them to succeed or the entire world will be overrun by demons. Throughout the entire journey, Ogden doubts his ability as a new Servant, but knows no matter what happens, he will continue. He will succeed, even if he doesn’t understand everything which is happening to him. On the other hand, Mercea, a very old Servant, has her own doubts. She feels as if the Gods have forsaken her, but she doesn’t know for what purpose or if it’s even true. She must continue with her duties, regardless of such feelings. Hartland must find a way to stop King Barend and Queen De’Nae before it’s too late. They must band together despite different beliefs and ideologies. They must work together if they want Hartland to be safe again.