Everyone in this city knows my name—Adam Bloom, Celebrity Chef.
And at least half of the pretty gals in Manhattan have gone down on my… Big Apple.

When I’m not [email protected]$king, I’m cooking—they’re all I got time for.

Until I saw her again.
The curvaceous, gorgeous, dark-skinned girl I met in Prague five years ago.

We had a wild couple of weeks… blurring the line between lust and… God only knows.

So, I had to have her again.

Something about Laurie was different, though. I found out she had a daughter… and did the math. It added up.

That was my kid.

Just when things seemed to work out, they didn’t. My past came back to haunt me, again; the repercussions almost cataclysmic.

If I’m not careful, I won’t just lose Laurie; I’ll lose my daughter.

I’m not a gambler, but for this hand, I’m all in…

Note: Billionaire's Unknown Black Daughter is 33k of sizzling hot romance between a sexy celebrity chef and the feisty architect who captured his heart. Features a bonus romance novella, Widowed Billionaire's Secret Baby!